About Us

At Kleio + MediCare™, we help to improve the health of communities by providing healthcare products that meet the highest quality and compliance regulations.

Improvements in people's health result in a higher collective productivity and standard of living, leading to long-term, substantial and sustainable leaps in growth.

Using Singapore as a foothold and capitalizing on Singapore's extensive healthcare capacity, Kleio + MediCare™ is able to extend these high standards to an ASEAN outreach. Through substantial research and innovative, essential products, we hope to not only plug in gaps but also enhance care on a global scale.

Between the supply of respirator masks to meet unmet, urgent demands and heavy investments in Research and Development (R&D) into areas such as stem cell therapy, Kleio + MediCare™ aims to add value with a two-pronged approach:

Reactive: We quickly recognize and gear production and resources towards solving immediate health-related needs of communities. When disaster pandemics or endemics strike, demand for healthcare spikes and supply gets stretched; our substantial network of companies, suppliers, and stockpile allow for the capacity to adapt to changing market demands and situations. As such, we are able to handle orders of large quantities without compromise on quality.

Proactive: Concurrently, to use a proactive lens and build health solutions for the next generation. Areas such as stem cell therapy, which uses stem cells to treat or prevent a disease or condition, offer an exciting wealth of possibilities. We also proactively send our products for accredited tests and certifications, so you can be assured of the highest quality.

Understanding patients' tendencies and expectations
Shifts in attitudes between generations towards healthcare are clear and obvious. Millennial culture, for example, shows a sharp trend in the usage of digital technology such as fitness apps for efficient healthcare tracking. Also, countries and communities have contrasting views and expectations on healthcare. Kleio Medicare is committed to provide solutions that will be relevant.