Features & Benefits

The Kleio + MediCare™ Reusable Natural Latex Respirator Mask

Manufactured with 93% natural latex, the MediCare™ line of respirator masks are comfortable and breathable. Users will not feel the need to constantly adjust the masks - this increases safety as there is less contact exposure. The masks are reusable; when cleaned with water, they retain their protective quality for 60 uses.

Features and Benefits: 

Features Benefits
Thin and smooth, with a cotton cloth inner layer Provides a luxurious skin feel, eliminating any “scratchy” or rough feel typically experienced with lower quality paper masks. Tightly woven fabrics such as cotton have also been scientifically researched to act as a mechanical barrier to particles.
Heat resistant up to 100 degrees Celsius Maintains masks' quality and effectiveness even in adverse conditions. Ensures that the masks can be utilized for a wide range of activities and purposes.
Comfortable and breathable Reduces frequency of touching and adjusting of masks, consciously or otherwise, that would increase the transmission risk of viruses.
No formaldehyde Studies in animals have shown that formaldehyde is a toxic substance that causes irritation of the eyes, nose, and damage to the linings of the throat. In addition to the above-mentioned problems, it also increases risk of ALS, nervous system complications, cancer, occupational asthma, and allergies.
Anti-respiratory secretions Materials used do not trigger allergies, sinusitis, or respiratory secretions.
Anti-mites Resistant to mites which may cause swelling, itching, and pain.



The Four Layers of Kleio + MediCare™ Reusable Natural Latex Respirator Mask

Layer 1: The outermost layer is made of microfibre, a synthetic fibre with a diameter smaller than that of a single strand of silk. During the manufacturing process, the fibres are split into tiny individual ones. Due to this increased surface area, microfibre is extremely efficient in collecting and trapping bacteria and viruses. This durable, non-abrasive, and lightweight material is also long-lasting if cared for properly, making the mask reusable up to 60 times.

Layer 2: Made of a highly effective particle filter compound, the second layer is the mask's heavyweight protection against harmful elements. Together with layer 3, this filter media is sewn into the central stratums of the mask.

Layer 3: A natural latex material serves as the third band of the mask. Latex can be either naturally or synthetically made, although the former is oft touted for its unrivalled comfort. This material is also widely recognized for its conforming, contouring, and durable qualities, which allows the mask to provide complete coverage of the user's face. Leading health organizations such as the WHO unilaterally recommend that all masks should be of good fit to effectively shield the user from viruses.

Layer 4: A cotton cloth material forms the innermost layer, providing a comfort feel to the user. This material is also gentle and does not cause abrasions or irritation to the epidermis.