Why Kleio + MediCare™ Reusable Natural Latex Respirator Masks? 

At Kleio + MediCare™, we help to improve the health of communities by providing healthcare products that meet the highest quality and compliance regulations. Our goals are to keep yourself & your loved ones protected at all times in a comfortable, sustainable & stylish manner. Improvements in people's health result in a higher collective productivity and standard of living, leading to long-term, substantial and sustainable leaps in growth. 

Kleio + MediCare™ Reusable Natural Latex Respirator Mask replaces hundreds of single use disposable masks, going into landfills. These masks are made of polypropylene (PP) and are non-biodegradable. Thus, by using a Kleio + MediCare™ Reusable Natural Latex Respirator Mask, you're not only protecting yourself & your loved ones, but also saving the environment from unnecessary waste & pollution.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends to the general public at least 3 Layers on any masks worn for effective protection*

What does Kleio + MediCare™ Reusable Natural Latex Respirator Mask Protect From? 

Tested & Certified by TÜV SÜD PSB in Singapore, under recommended guidelines of the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) of Singapore, our respirator masks efficiently filters out particles as small as 0.1 Microns (PM0.1) at 95.83% Particulate Filtration Efficiency (PFE). It also boasts a Bacteria Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of 99.96%. Our masks offer a high quality protection from bacteria, viruses, smog, dust, pollen & air contaminants that hinder the quality of air we breathe today. 

What are the 4 Layers of Kleio + MediCare™ Reusable Natural Latex Respirator Mask?

Layer 1: The outermost layer is made of microfiber, a synthetic fiber with a diameter smaller than that of a single strand of silk. During the manufacturing process, the fibers are split into tiny individual ones. Due to this increased surface area, microfiber is extremely efficient in collecting and trapping bacteria and viruses. This durable, non-abrasive, and lightweight material is also long-lasting if cared for properly, making the mask reusable up to 60 times.

Layer 2: Made of a highly effective particle filter compound, the second layer is the mask's heavyweight protection against harmful elements. Together with layer 3, this filter media is sewn into the central stratum's of the mask.

Layer 3: A natural latex material serves as the third band of the mask. Latex can be either naturally or synthetically made, although the former is oft touted for its unrivaled comfort. This material is also widely recognized for its conforming, contouring, and durable qualities, which allows the mask to provide complete coverage of the user's face. Leading health organizations such as the WHO unilaterally recommend that all masks should be of good fit to effectively shield the user from viruses.

Layer 4: A cotton cloth material forms the innermost layer, providing a comfort feel to the user. This material is also gentle and does not cause abrasions or irritation to the epidermis.

What Makes Kleio + MediCare™ Reusable Natural Latex Respirator Mask Eco-Friendly?

Made from 93% Natural Latex (an eco-friendly material) with no formaldehyde, our masks are reusable up to 60 Times, saving the environment from unwanted & unnecessary wastage from disposable masks. Because of the fact that it's made with Natural Latex, are masks are also biodegradable & high in quality to provide a long lasting effect of up to 60 Times usage. 

Are Kleio + MediCare™ Reusable Natural Latex Respirator Masks Water Resistant & Antibacterial? 

Yes, they are water resistant and blocks efficiently water droplets & aerosols as small as 0.1 Microns that are expelled from coughing, sneezing & talking. The microfiber material used on Layer 1 of the mask blocks and traps bacteria at a 99.9% rate, thus preventing bacterial growth. 

Are Kleio + MediCare™ Reusable Natural Latex Respirator Masks Soft & Comfortable? 

The mask design features adjustable ear-loops, across 3 sizes (S - 3 to 9 years old, M & L) that fits perfectly for all types of face cuts & over the ears worn comfortably for an extended period of time . The combination of materials used in the mask design features a soft inner cotton that fits perfectly across the epidermis, providing great breathability as well. 

How do you clean, wear & reuse a Kleio + MediCare™ Reusable Natural Latex Respirator Mask?

It is recommended that you wash the mask before your first use. To do so, soak it in hot water of not more than 60°C with soap/detergent for several minutes. Rinse off soap/detergent from the mask & allow it to air dry. Your mask is ready to be used once it had fully dried. After every 10 Hours of continuous use, repeat the wash & clean steps above after each use and allow it to dry off fully before your next use. This ensures that the mask will retain its protective efficiency for reuse - up to 60 times. 

To wear, extend the two straps of the mask and place them behind the ears. The white cotton layer facing inwards and closest to the face. The fold should be faced down & securely fitted against the chin. Adjust the tension of the straps as necessary, to ensure a secure fit. 



*The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends complex three layers of fabric for any masks in general to stay protected effectively. Kleio + MediCare™ Reusable Natural Latex Respirator Masks provides premium protection along with excellent comfort, great breathability & style, however it is not an N95 or Surgical Mask that's usually intended for medical use. 

Kleio + MediCare™ Reusable Natural Latex Respirator Masks are a premium complex 4 Layer mask, as recommended by the WHO with enhancements to its features & benefits, tested & certified by world renowned TÜV SÜD PSB. This product should be used in addition to practicing good, strict personal hygiene following the WHO recommendations on hand-washing & social distancing.